The Anvil Trust , Billericay, Essex
The Anvil Trust [Registered Charity 1018797] Billericay, Essex, UK
The Anvil Trust [Registered Charity 1018797]Billericay, Essex, UK

Who Are We?

The trust was started by a small group of residents whose objective was to
open a residential home in Billericay for up to 6/8 people who have a learning disability. The trust in association with Essex Social Services and Housing Associations has now successfully opened four homes in the area.

What is the Need?

The waiting lists for similar homes are very long and there are many people in need of permanent care or support ,and the chance to live an independent but supported life, in the south of Essex.

Why the name Anvil Trust?

The name was borne out of a vision given to Rev. Rob Richards a previous vicar of Christ Church, Billericay. During a time of prayer for someone with a learning disability it felt like an anvil on which the faith of the church was being fashioned. In the same way a blacksmith would shape his metal into something of use, so God would shape us into a caring, concerned people, accepting those with a disability as equal members of God's family.

How did we start?

The idea came from two members of Christ Church who were the parents of a child with a learning disability. The next step taken was to invite a speaker from the national charity "a cause for concern", who to came to talk about the seven homes they were running in England and Wales. Following the meeting a group was formed from the churches of the town, with the aim of raising sufficient funds to provide a home in Billericay.

We are located at:


The Chairman (Anvil Trust)

Mr P. Routledge

3 Burghstead Close,

Billericay, Essex.

CM12 9JZ



Contact us today!

If you have any queries or wish to make an appointment, please contact us:

+44 01277 651381

+44 07986 280672




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Registered Charity 1018797