The Anvil Trust , Billericay, Essex
The Anvil Trust [Registered Charity 1018797] Billericay, Essex, UK
The Anvil Trust [Registered Charity 1018797]Billericay, Essex, UK

The Anvil Trust provides Christian residential care and support in the local community for the learning disabled adult. The Trust exists for all those with learning disabilities who need us, and not just for people from Christian families. These aims are all in accordance with our Trust Deed dated 4th February, 1993. Any enquiries for places at an Anvil Trust property should be made by approaching Social Services, as they allocate places. Existing homes, which the Trust set up and continues to support are:

Anvil House

A home in Billericay, Essex for seven adults with learning disabilities who continue to live happily, receiving 24 hour care from the care providers. The home opened in 1993, the building being owned and managed by Stonham Housing Association.


Anvil Mews

The home is for two young adults who have learning disabilities and need 24 hour support in their everyday lives. The home, in Billericay, was opened in 2002. Anvil Mews is owned and managed by Swan Housing Association.


Andrew House

The home, opened in 2005, is for four adults with learning disabilities who receive 24 hour care. The building is owned and managed by Swan Housing Association/Aspirations.


Anvil Place

This, our latest project, was opened in 2015 and is home to four adults with learning disabilities. Situated in Noak Bridge, Basildon, the property provides each resident with a spacious individual room with en-suite facilities and with access to a large lounge, dining room, kitchen and gardens. The property is owned by the Stonham Homegroup Housing Association and support is provided by Livability.

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Registered Charity 1018797